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Blood Gorelore!
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Sexy Bikini Mystic by Cyberwolf7777
Sexy Bikini Mystic
Ahh Mystic. so mysterious! and hot -w- Here name is Mystic Sucibi a demon Succubus. A wolf demon bat hybrid. She is flirty, fun, energetic, loves the way she looks, and she is kind to other people. but people have no idea if she is really flirting with them are not due to the way she talks. This is because of her demonic origin. But she is still normal like other mobians. just more fun loving. despite being a succubus she has never slept with anyone. she has no carnal desires like her species normally has. She adores looking cute and beautiful. she feels unconfident when her hair won't cooperate or how her breasts. she thinks they are too big. and worries when see her just for something to look at. Also her fur pattern is odd. Her breast are lavender and so are her markings. The markings on her breasts make a teardrop shape.
Mystic's base
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 92-98lbs
Bust size:26 D
Body type: Exotic Hourglass figure and sometimes considered sex kitten shape 
Pose: poolside lounging. Sexy, flirt, and inviting
Team orientation: Team Supernatural
Cute Angel by Cyberwolf7777
Cute Angel
Angel Damon is Ray's wife. she took his last name but altered it a bit. She is more modest and she is fun and kind. She likes helping others and prefers not to fight. but she has a bit of her own magic. She is also the mother of Faith, her and Ray's daughter. Angel's real name is Suguarangel. She is also a hybrid species of Hedgehog and dove. or Hedgedove
Angel's base
Height: 4'11''
Weight: 92-96lbs
bust size: AA
Body type: pear shape with a bit of booty. Modest
Pose: Innocent and adorable
Team orientation: Team Union 


Just call me Cyber or Lynn
United States
Just call me Cyber or Wolven
Team Havoc Lily Ebon, Jake (D'Rayor) Thrasher, Reo Drago

Favourite genre of music: Mostly punk rock or alternative
Favourite style of art: Tribal, gothic, sonic, and dark
Wallpaper of choice: haunted graveyard on a mountian side
Skin of choice: um... 0.0 what?
Favourite cartoon character: Shadow the Hedgehog on Sonic X
Personal Quote: I rather be a freak and be different, than be normal and blend in.
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Unbreakable Heart by Three Days Grace
All about the base here is the list once again! let me hear it for a challenge!
Drawing out the base structure of characters is hard but well worth it!
I have started on the female category but will not post them until all the 12 guy ocs are posted so here is the list once again! and It's all about that base no treble! *shot*

So far posted for guys
1. Reo Drago (color in progress)
2: Hector Goldenwing (color in progress)
3: Zeke Bandit (color in progress)
4: Ray Daemon (color in progress)
5: Jericho (color in progress)
6: Jake Thrasher (jake 3x is out)
7: Willie The Ferret 
8: Xandrit III 
9: Victor Goldenwing 
10: Rek Avok 
11: Kilgore Vulture 
12: Jack Jackalope 
The girls
1: Lily Ebon 
2: Midnight Elegant
3: Angel Damon 
4: Mystic Sucibi 
5: Techna Kitty (needs to be drawn)
6: Lexia lex (needs to be drawn)
7: Hex Lexina (needs to be drawn)
8: Debie Butterfly (needs to be drawn)
9: Luna Makontier (needs to be drawn)
10: Octilla Octa (needs to be drawn)
11: Krissie Tigerfox (needs to be drawn)
12: Sunnie Ebon (grown up) (needs to be drawn)

Now I also Have the entire Dragon Age II cast as Mobains ( Sebastian not included and mainly characters I liked besides party members) and they are as follows
Fenrial Hawke. (my hawke) - Phoenix Hawke
Fenris - Feral
Varric/Bianca - Varren/Maribel
Isabella - Menewbella
Merrill -ShiningSea
Anders - Xanders
Aveline -Avalina
Donnic - Donmic
Orana -Orlana
Solivictus - Soliven
Dexx Amell (oc) - Roger
Fuzz Muffin (pet wolf replaces mabari) - Sir Fuzzington (mobian form)
Leandra Amell- Lenda Amell
Malcom Hawke -Malestorm Hawke

I am now Doing fanart for people!
current fanart goes to :iconanimatics: Weathercoats (in progress)
You to can ask or if I am bored I will randomly chose an oc from a friend and surprise them ^w^
Other fanart done is Look who I got... by Cyberwolf7777 I am planning on coloring them soon! I took up a wish list!

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